These are people with whom I have worked 

"I always love being photographed by Krystyna; she not only makes you look wonderful, but the process is a delight as well. She's a joy to work with and her photographs are drop-dead gorgeous! "

Rebecca Chance is Author of Killer Queens and a whole series of best-selling bonkbusters

"Krystyna’s gentle, encouraging nature allows for an intimate rapport in the studio. She puts me at ease during a shoot by offering a safe, friendly space where I can drop the ego and give in to the creative experience. Krystyna sees the beauty in people and captures this with precision and joy. She is an intuitive artist and a highly skilled photographer. Her work is beautiful, original and often spectacular."

DJ Connell is Author of Julian Corkle is a Filthy Liar soon to be filmed and Sherry Cracker Gets Normal.

Apart from having an astute and artistic eye, Krystyna is somewhat of a miracle worker. Ive never been especially fond of having my photograph taken, but she made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the session and then delivered a set of shots that boosted my self-confidence no end. I was over the moon with the results."

Terry Ronald is a musician, songwriter, music producer and Author of Becoming Nancy soon to be a stage musical

"Krystyna is incredibly gifted. She is blessed with the ability to LISTEN; to really listen, and to take care to really understand and visualise what I am trying to achieve. She has created a most beautiful album cover for me, as well as stunning studio portraits, en plein air shots and has captured wonderful live performance moments. I can't recommend her highly enough"

Beck Sian is a songwriter, poet and singer
"Anyone can take a photograph but it requires great talent to capture someone's real personality with one... Krys has that talent and is a wonderfully gifted and observant artist."

Del Palmer is a musician, songwriter, sound engineer, and long time creative collaborator with Kate Bush.

Krystyna FitzGerald-Morris was born to be a photographer. She has a magical eye for capturing the evocative spirit and essence of her subjects, whether they are in her studio or at a public event. Perhaps more importantly, Krystyna's camera makes you look how you think you look in your own head, which is to say beautiful. Or mysterious. Or funny. Or seductive. Her patience, careful observation and gentle instructions all coalesce into amazing photographs. I can't wait to work with her again."

Collin Kelley is a writer and poet, and Author of Conquering Venus and Remain in Light, the first two volumes of The Venus Trilogy

"Krystyna and I have been developing our working procedures through successive shoots. I create alter-egos using costumery and hats as talismanic tools. Whether I've needed to access my inner-child or some dark corner of my psyche, Krystyna has had the empathic imagination and sensitivity to join me on the journey as a professional facilitator. It's exciting to think what may evolve from this. I feel incredibly lucky to to have found someone with such psychological depth and maturity. Someone with the professional humility to truly collaborate reflexively. Someone who is so able to capture the gem from within a fickle land-slide, and is so willing to invest the enormous energy required in the persuit to make art."

Ash Mandrake is a musician, songwriter, and highly original performer of stories.


My photographs have appeared The Guardian, The Sun, The Stage, Time Out, Attitude, Gaze-A Modern Review, and Magical Times 

My photographs of Rebecca Chance were used by renowned ceramic artist Claudia Clare as a basis for her Molly's Odyssey trio of pots.  

My photographs have been used on the websites of  Rebecca Chance,                DJ Connell, Collin Kelley, Terry Ronald, Jon Reed, Polari, Ash Mandrake, Chelsham Consultancy, Melisa Yavas, Beck Sian, Lenka Mackova, and Psychic Susan

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